Saturday, January 9, 2016

The 3 Day Rule - Real Love Complaints Reviews It

Everyone has heard the old rule- you never call someone before three days after getting the number. However, how good is that rule, really? Actually, not very good at all. There are a number of reasons that the Three Day Call rule just does not work out very well and Real Love Complaints reviews it now.

First of all, you swapped numbers or got a number because this person was interested in getting to know you and possibly dating. In waiting three days, you are essentially making that person wait for three days to find out if you are also interested, and that can be nerve wracking. There is no need to put someone through three days of wondering if they did the right thing in giving you their number.
Real Love Complaints asks what should you do when you call someone up for the first time? The answer is easy. Casual conversation, light and friendly. There is no real pressure here, you are just getting to know someone, and potentially make a new connection. The less nervous you are, the better but you will likely find that as the conversation wears on, you become much less nervous.

Some people are wary of asking someone out on the first phone call, also but there is again, no need for that. Often, giving a phone number or exchanging phone numbers is simply an ice breaker to be able to get a date. So, if you feel like you are ready to ask this person out- do so. The chances are good that is why they gave you their number in the first place.

If the person answers and "cannot talk right now", do not be put off- this is usually because they honestly cannot talk, other wise, they would not have given you their number in the first place. Simply ask if they want you to call back later and when would be better, or if they would prefer to call you. Doing this ensures you are not sitting around, waiting and wondering what you should do- which, if you were nervous about the phone call in the first place can sometimes be made worse by being told "not right now". Do not let this get to you, it usually is not personal. There are sometimes when it may be a brush off- generally speaking if you tried once, got told they could not talk, and then can't get an answer? That's a pretty good sign that they weren't interested, but if someone isn't going to be up front with you, you probably don't want to be dating them anyway.

So basically, Real Love Complaints says these college rules on dating- the phone rule is out. Do not worry so much about looking over eager- when someone gives you their number, they do so because they want to hear from you in the first place. So go right ahead and call when you want to, and you may just find yourself getting to the first date.

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