Thursday, January 7, 2016

Talking to Women in Bars - Some more Real Love Complaints

Talking To Women In Bars

Every one has been there, with the loud music, the crowds. You're standing at the bar when you notice someone who also seems to be feeling the same way. This can be a little tricky because there are a number of clich├ęs about bars and in general- it's hard to make a connection.  Just a few real love complaints we hear.  However, there are a number of ways of not only getting someone's attention but striking up a conversation that may be really helpful. It is not necessarily true that you cannot meet someone fun at a bar, or that the bar is where it has to end.  It also does not mean you have to spend half your paycheck on drinks that night, either.

Here's a tip to stay away from those real love complaints, if she is racking up your card with drinks on your tab- you may want to steer clear of her. She may or may not go home with you that night, and if that is what you're looking for, more power to you. If you are looking to meet someone who perhaps could lead to more, it may be a better idea to stagger drinks a little bit. Buying someone drinks isn't a bad thing, but it's something that you have to really take into moderation- if you buy too many drinks you may come across as trying to get her drunk and that's not really where you want to go with it.

Buying a drink is possibly the best way to get someone's attention in a bar, and it's also nice. Many women know that going to a bar means they're going to get drinks bought for them, so how do you know what to order for her and when? If you're both waiting for the bartender, when she puts in her order, try covering the cost. If she walks away after that, the chances are good she wasn't someone you would really want to be around, anyway, but most people will at least have a conversation with you at this point.

Another great thing is dancing- now it can be very hard to talk while dancing but once the song is finished, you may want to suggest getting a drink. If you can't speak over the music, gesture towards the bar- nine times out of ten, you will get what you're looking for in that. It is really hard to talk in bars where the music is up loud but it can be done and it should be- if you attempt to get her to go some place quieter, you may find that looks a bit bad, so just try to adapt to the noise level where you are.

It is almost always a bad idea to do this more than a couple of times, but "do a shot with me?" is another good way to get talking with someone in a bar. It would be a real love scam doing it more than a few times may invite the wrong impression.

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