Thursday, January 28, 2016

Real Complaints List Fifteen Guaranteed Methods to Get a Man to Chase You

If it’s true that men are programmed to chase women and women are wired to receive them, how

do you, as a woman, get a man to chase after you? Real Love Complaints is here for you with this list

of guaranteed methods to make a man want you.

1. Be Receptive but Proactive

You need to master encouraging a man without actually initiating things. Instead of giving him your

number suggest to him that if he asked you for it you would give it to him. That way whether he gets

it or not is still up to him. Real Love Complaints wants you to know that it’s an aggressive act to just

give him your number. Aggression is the realm of the hunter, the pursuer. They don’t go after other

hunters. You need to be the prey instead, but you can still be proactive about it. This also enables

you to keep your femininity when the two of you are together and avoid any real love scam.

2. Be Appreciative of Your Man

A man gives to you by giving his time, opening doors, and paying for dates. Always show him how

appreciative you are of him for doing this. This encourages them to do it more often too.

3. Be Sure to Thank Him in Real Life

If you enjoy the date and want to say thank you for it then thank him in person. Don’t wait until after

you’re home to say it. Tell him thank you at the end of the date, not after it.

4. Be True to Who You Are

The first thing that attracts a man is who you are. Your femininity is what inspires a man to chase

you. Real Love Complaints wants you to understand that you should never play games with men or

pretend to be something you aren’t.

5. Guys Dig Self-Confidence

The second thing that attracts a man to a woman is her confidence. Don’t underestimate how

attractive self-confidence is!

6. Don’t be Too Revealing

Real Love Complaints know how easy it is to overwhelm someone with information. Understand that

there really is a time and place for everything, including sharing intimate information. That time,

however, is not likely to be the first few dates.

7. Be Sure to Tell Him how You Really Feel

Real Love Complaints want you to show how much you appreciate a guy with genuine feelings. Being

genuine like this is something that really attracts a man.

8. Keep the Mystery Alive

No matter what a guy says he doesn’t need to know your every move throughout the day. He

doesn’t need to know where you are and who you are with every second.

9. Don’t Make Him Your Life

If you had a life before you met your man you should still have one afterwards. When you stop doing

the things you love because you’re in a relationship you’re telling the man that he is your life now.

You shouldn’t put that kind of responsibility on the shoulders of someone you barely know.

10. Flirt With Him

Don’t underestimate the power of looking a guy in the eyes for a good five seconds and flashing him

your most charming smile. Real Love Complaints know this is one small technique that really works.

real love complaints

11. Don’t Give Him too Much

Real Love Complaints know that the more you give a man the less he will give you in return, and the

less he feels like pursuing you. Let the man be the first to call you and let him text you first. While

you should be available for dates you should let him set them up. That kind of action is something a

hunter should do. When you initiate contact you take away his incentive to come after you. Being

gracious and accepting of the gifts a man gives you is one of the ways you can give to him. It also

allows him the room that he needs to chase after you.

12. Wait a Few Minutes to Respond

Answering a call on the first ring or answering a text immediately is a predictable action you should

avoid. Instead give him some time to make you wonder what you were doing and create an air of

being unpredictable.

13. Let Calls Last as Long as They Need To

Real Love Complaints ask that you be patient in a phone call. A man talking to you shows interest

and the longer he takes to ask you out, the more interested he is in doing it. Take your time and give

him fifteen minutes before giving up on him asking you out.

14. Keep your Texts Concise

You shouldn’t respond with more words in a text than the one the man sends you first. It goes back

to not giving too much of yourself away. Make him curious about you.

15. Sit Back and Relax

Letting the relationship take its course is perhaps the hardest step for a successful woman to take.

Workplace success relies on excelling in primarly male traits like taking charge. Real Love Complaints

know this makes it hard for successful women to be feminine in a relationship.

Even though something like this sounds really old fashioned it’s a tried and true technique that still

works. Men are motivated by getting results in work and life. Men have to believe that they really

earned the things in their life, including you.

Don’t be afraid to just relax and enjoy being pursued. Remember to let the relationship take its

course and progress at its own pace.

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