Thursday, December 24, 2015

Real Love Complaints Women Have For Men Dating Online

Men have some pretty bad habits when it comes to online dating.  Learn how to stay away from a Real Love scam. Women are really beginning to get fed up by it. So it’s way past time men changed their online dating behavior. The following are nine main complaints. 

  • Expecting Too Much

It’s impossible to deny that men want a great looking girl. The problem is that regular women feel they can’t compete against these really attractive women. Not to mention that supermodels aren’t on dating sites anyway. 

Studies show that the vast majority of messages sent to women on dating sites go to the women that are the most attractive. The thing is that the men sending these messages aren’t male models themselves. Real Love complaints have heard from women who feel that men should set their expectations to realistic levels. 

  • Going Too Young

Real Love complaints also hear from women that men will always try and date someone younger than they are. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but it does leaver some women high and dry. Not to mention there just aren’t enough younger women to go around and the ones that are there are getting sick of being hit on by older men. 

It’s been shown that men find 21 to be the most attractive age. But if they really want to have success dating women online they need to adjust their standards and aim to date someone closer to their own age. 

There are also benefits to dating someone your own age. You have similar amounts of life experience and maturity. It’s also true that even women feel young at heart and can have the same amount of energy as you. There are older women who feel a lot younger and they’d like a chance too. 

  • Being Too Hesitant

Women can become very annoyed when men don’t make a move on them and just look at their profile. Real Love complaints recommend that if men really do like a woman they find, they should stop looking and start talking. If both genders took it on themselves to make the first move online dating would be a lot easier. 

  • Being Too General

Another complaint is that men come across as uncaring by sending general, and often annoying, messages. A woman spends a lot of time putting her profile together. She wants to show off who she really is. When a man reads all that, then just sends generic messages, it conveys disinterest. Make your opening message something about them and their profile. 

  • Poor Picture Choice

A complaint about online dating made by both men and women is that pictures are often misleading. Men also use old and bad quality ones. The pictures on a mans profile tend to be out of date and blurry. Or they are pictures of other people or things they own, like the car they’re really proud of. Make your picture a nice, clear, picture of you. No hats, no shades, just your face and body. 

  • Bad Spelling And Grammar

No one likes people who make obvious grammar and spelling mistakes. You come across as lazy and unintelligent when you use things like text speak and don’t type out messages properly. There isn’t a woman in the world turned on by that. 

  • Laziness

Real Love also hear a lot from women who find that men are far too lazy in their messages. They send generic and bland messages that are obviously sent to a bunch of women in the hope one of them bites. No woman will though, because they know what it is. Make the greeting unique to the girl and put some effort into it. 

  • Trying To Be Too Sexual

Women aren’t interested in sex right off the bat. You need to take talking to someone online as slowly as you would in the real world. You wouldn’t expect a woman to be interested in talking to you if you talked about sex right off the bat. The same rules apply online. 

  • Not Listening When A Woman Says “No”

The final complaint Real Love hear is that men have a real hard time leaving a woman alone when she tells them no. Even worse they become confrontational and resort to name calling. Women want to deal with a man who is nice to them, and sweet. By responding to a woman like that you just prove her right. You’re a bad person and she shouldn’t have to deal with that. 

Luckily all of these problems can be recognized and avoided. It’s not difficult to behave properly online. When you do that, you’ll have a lot more success when dating online. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Real Love Looks At The Difficulty Of Finding Love On Your Own

One of the best things you can do in life is find love and the person you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with. Even so there are a lot of things standing in the way and Real Love knows that there are things you need to be aware of to make finding love a safe journey. We’ve laid out some advice that enables you to make finding love as fun as it is rewarding. 

Real Love Complaints says Don’t Rush Things

One thing you definitely need to understand is that it can take time to find the right person. It’s a very common complaint that Real Love receives. It’s a complaint that is pretty grounded in reality too. A person can spend far too long dealing with the people that aren’t right for them. This may cause you to give up hope but you should never do that! The person who is right for you could be around the corner. If they aren’t around that corner, then they could be behind the next one. Understand that love takes time, and never give up on finding it. 

Safety First

Real Love complaints can also not underestimate the importance of staying safe. We live in a society where it’s very hard to trust people, especially people you don’t know. There’s nothing wrong with thinking about your own safety and security. You should make sure that the person you’re about to meet is someone that you trust enough to spend a few hours alone with them. You should also consider trying to fact check anything a potential date says, as they can make up all manner of things about themselves. We here at Real Love want you to have a fun and safe dating experience. If you’re really nervous about meeting a stranger then let someone else know where you are and check in with them every so often. 

Don’t Forget To Be Yourself

With how difficult it is to meet new people you need to be the best you that you can be right away. You need to nail that first impression and come out of your shell more if you happen to be shy. Real Love recommends getting some advice from your friends and family about how to be more open with your date and to not be so nervous. Remember that you’re there to relax and have fun. In the end all you can do is be your best. If they don’t think that’s good enough then don’t despair; someone else will. 

Spread Yourself Out More

The chances of finding that ideal person right away are pretty slim. You could be looking in entirely the wrong places. You should never commit to just one place to find a date. For example if you rely on your family and friends to set you up then consider online dating if you’re having bad luck. One good thing to try is joining a club where you’ll meet people with similar interests. Though Real Love do warn that you need more than just one common interest. Still, it’s a good place to start. When you look for the right person don’t just search in one place. You can’t find them if you aren’t looking where you can see them!

There’s No Need To Waste Time

There are people who really do feel a spark when they meet someone. Even if you don’t you’ll realise pretty quick whether a relationship has a chance of working or not. If you have trouble talking with someone and your instincts are telling you they aren’t right for you, then don’t waste your time with them. You’re also wasting their time too. It’s better for both of you to just move on. As we said earlier it takes time to find someone, so don’t waste it with someone you aren’t interested in. Real Love know that you can’t create something from nothing. If there’s nothing there then there won’t ever be. 

By far the biggest complaint that Real Love receive is that finding love takes up a lot of your time. That’s why you need to do everything you can to find love. This means knowing how to take your time when you have to, and knowing when it’s better to just cut someone off. It also means putting your safety first. Everyone eventually finds love; it’s just a matter of time. Never stop believing that you deserve love and that it will come your way. 

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Widowers Complaints about Losing their Real Love

Real Love Complaints realize losing a loved one is never easy, nor is finding love again after that loss. Losing a spouse is arguably one of the most difficult things a person can go through but it’s
possible to live your life again and have a lasting and loving relationship with someone new.

It is true that widows and widowers have complications getting back into the dating
game. Real Love understand that the hardest part is moving on. This is why part of the
journey to a new love involves finding your own strength and weaknesses and gathering
the courage you need to take the risk of falling in love.

Grieving - One of Real Love Complaints

Grieving is about feeling all the love and loss when you think of your loved one and
moving past it by letting it all go over time. The biggest complication that widows and
widowers face when entering the dating world again is knowing how long after the loss
they need to wait to start grieving again. Real Love Complaints understand that men
typically miss their chance and begin bouncing around from woman to woman, whereas
women have difficulty moving on. They tend to become more isolated and lonely out of
fear of moving on, and the guilt that may come with it. It’s tricky to enter the dating
world again after suffering a tragic loss. If you’re dating after losing someone, or dating
someone that you know has recently lost a loved one, then you need to tread carefully
and take their feelings into consideration.

Serious or Casual?

Another common complaint for widows is that they might not be aware of what they
want out of a relationship. Do they want a casual fling, or do they want something more
serious? Not knowing what you’re after makes it very difficult to start dating again.
Women especially become afraid to date after losing a loved one because they associate
dating with sex and aren’t comfortable sleeping with someone else soon after losing
someone. Men, again, have the opposite problem; they tend to move too quickly for their
potential partner and believe that it is the only way they can feel whole again. Real Love
recommends that both widows and widowers start casually and play the field a bit. Take
an interest in several people and see who is the best fit for you and what you want. When
you think you’ve found the right person for you then you can move on to something
more serious with them. One part of starting over from scratch is re-evaluating your life
and taking another look at what you want. When you do that you can make dating fun